Mercedes E class vs Χάρος

Το καινούργιο διαφημιστικό σποτ της Mercedes E class.

Οδηγώντας την καινούργια Mercedes E class εμφανίζεται ο Χάρος και λέει “Sorry” στον άτυχο οδηγό υπονοώντας οτι θα τρακάρει… Δείτε τη συνέχεια!

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Mercedes vs. Death in HD aka "Sorry"

Commercial for Mercedes E class car. As seen in in German TV.
I found two other clips here on Youtube but with bad quality.

So, I uploaded a clip in the quality as aired by German TV (ZDF) in standard definition quality. Which required triggering HD quality for Youtube 😉 So, I scaled from 576i to 720p first.

I looked it up. Actually, the clip was temporarily not shown due to a deadly accident of a test driver. Now, it seems to be airing again (I took it from an open dvb-t stream).
The spot is officially online at (but in worse quality than mine 😉 )
The agency is German agency "Jung von Matt"

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